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Form Felt Lab

Experiments in felting in the round

Thank-you to the following supporters who have contributed to our on-line crowd-sourcing project at

Your support will assist with commercializing the Form Felt technology to develop a studio-model for professional Designer/Felt-makers.

Christine Kohl
Simone Schlichting
Nancy Rosenblum
Mariane Desjardins
Ian Johnston & Stephanie Fischer
Yael Filipovic
Wade Berridge
Max Liboiron
Mireille Perron
Karen Treulieb
Kemble Mountain Roastery
Laura White & Geoff Gaudet
Jessica Gates
Alexandra, Paulina and George Lalonde
Joy Barrett
Cora Court
Raik Musiolik
Arlene McMillin
Peter Vogelaar
Sandra Lalonde
Joan Loxam
Donna Gole
Arin Fay
Natasha Smith
Andreas Schlichting
Laura Vickerson

To view the project please visit: